Game Rules:

Be on Time: We will start the match sharp according to the table, Players should be online and be on their registered slot before 5 min, the clan leaders are responsible for this.

Only registered Players: only Registered players are allowed to play the Match, otherwise, points will not be considered, and further decision teams will be disqualified (Name: Tag should be the same as a registered clan)

No Hackers & Team-up: As you, all know we are against any sort of plugins to cheat, so if we find out anything related to the above team will be disqualified from all our tournaments, feel free to report to us if you feel like anyone is cheating in the game, also no teaming up.

Points: Winning team will be considered by the points earned from each match,1st Place-10PTS, 2nd Place-5PTS, Top10-2PTS, 4Players on Board-2PTS & Each Kill-1PTS+