Dear Friends,


This is DRKN Official Message.

So far everything is up top to take off for the battle and to find out the Survivor & Best Clan 2020!


As a reward, we proudly present you with a Crystal trophy printed with your clan name and the participated player's name.


How to join? .. well it's free, but your clan should be attending our qualifier Round to get your boarding pass for the “5 Day Crucial Tournament Game”

Top Clans from Qualifier Round will be Selected (Qualifier Match Date: December 16, 19, 21 & 23) Lalu & Suji will guide you in case if you have any doubts,


What are the requirements? .. Clan Tag is Must! Minimum for 2 players (do not include players from another clan with a different tag than yours), if you book the slot then don’t miss the game, also inactive slot during Tournament will be Discolified from our all upcoming tournaments, only registered players allowed to play, Savad will be doing the verification process, feel free to contact in case any query,


Does the tournament start on 27th December? .. well yes… after the qualifier round we will announce the 20 Clans Participating + 5 of our recommended clans and the winner will be chosen based on point. So you must play smart and yes aggressive!


Well... it's been a rough year, so don’t mind if we win or lose... enjoy & support your clan, and stay tuned!


Lalu, Savad & Suji ... Contact Details Available on our WhatsApp Group.



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